I wish to inform you all that I will be retiring Chair Tease Dance Studio/Ltd at the end of December 2018. I realize this will come as a great shock to many of you. As a business owner I have always tried to be as honest as possible, so I hope to give you as much clarity as I can.

Earlier this year I suffered a knee injury resulting in surgery. As many of you have noticed in classes, I am still suffering from this injury and am just physically unable to keep up with the number of classes per day that I need to teach keep the business thriving. As we look at a possible 2nd surgery (if that is the case) I will need to take the time to rest and heal this time around. While the injury is not the sole reason for the closure of the studio, it is the most demanding at this time. 

And while our studio is a very busy one, the economic recession over the last few years has taken a financial toll on the business as bills and taxes continue to increase.  This decision was not made lightly. It fact, this has been one of the toughest and heart wrenching decisions I've had to make as a business owner. Opening my own dance studio for adults, and providing quality dance/fitness classes in Red Deer was my dream. I have so many of you to thank for helping me turn my passion into a reality. I cannot begin to express the value your patronage has brought me.

This will not be my exit from dance/fitness. I am still contracted with the Collicutt Center and will continue to teach evening Zumba classes in the new year. I love to teach and am constantly inspired as to how best serve my students, so once I have had a chance to get two healthy legs under me, I will make my plans public knowledge....as will my fellow Chair Tease instructors.

Please understand that this decision was an incredibly tough one to make with so many of you to consider. I know that the studio is a 2nd home to so many who have been with us for years, and those who are just starting their journeys. We have all been witness to so many friendships formed, amazing personal stories, the growth of self confidence in so many women....and too many memories to even count. It is not my intention to break any hearts, I just need to what is right for my physical body at this time so that I am able to dance and teach in the future.

I thank you all for your understanding and support during this difficult time.

-Natalie Brooks

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